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Having an animal at home has many virtues on our physical and mental state. Better cardiovascular health, strengthening of the immune system and the intestinal microbiota, secretion of oxytocin, the hormone of happiness … There are many studies that demonstrate the physical, psychological and emotional benefits of this connection between humans and the animal.

For the past forty years, animal care practices have been developing in France. Dogs, cats, horses and some farm animals are now teaming up with therapists to offer a new path in care. In retirement homes, the dog rekindles the desire to communicate in the elderly suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. For children with psychomotor disabilities, the horse facilitates functional rehabilitation.

Animals also have extraordinary powers that science uses to advance medicine. Thanks to their exceptional flair, dogs are now able to detect cancer or alert their owner of an imminent epileptic seizure.

The documentary directed by Stéphanie Rathscheck will be followed by a debate moderated by Marina Carrère-d’Encausse.


Marine GRANDGEORGE, Psychologist and ethologist – Rennes 1 University

Boris CYRULNIK, Neuropsychiatrist and ethologist

Hélène GATEAU, Veterinarian

Paul CHARLES, President of Canidea, French Confederation of organizations of personal assistance dogs

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