For the first time in its history, France will send boccia players to the Tokyo Paralympic Games. This unique sport is a game of boules, which can make you think of pétanque.

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Samir Vanderbeken, soon to be Paralympic boccia champion in Tokyo?

Samir has myopathy, a disease that causes muscle degeneration. He cannot stand or move his arms. It was in a rehabilitation center that he discovered boccia and met Thomas, his able-bodied assistant.

The latter tells him which ball he wants to use, the height of the ramp and its orientation. And this duo has been in operation for more than 10 years. Together they won 4 French championships and will even fly to the Tokyo Paralympic Games this summer.

A new challenge that they are actively preparing. Samir and Thomas are qualified for the team events and also expected for the individual ones. They are aiming for a medal at the Paralympic Games!

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