More than two-thirds of men think it could be taller, half of them would be interested in a treatment to make it bigger and a quarter are self-conscious about its size.

To recall the normal size of a penis, it is necessary to take the results of objective studies with a real methodology. These studies reveal that the average size of an erect penis is around 13.3 cm in length (with a majority of penises between 12 and 17 cm) and 9 cm on average in circumference.

For size at rest, it varies from moment to moment, it is not correlated with size when erect.

Less than 3% of men have a real micropenis, that is to say a size below 9 or 10 cm in erection. The vast majority of men have a penis of normal size.

“The locker room syndrome”

Several reasons: for lack of knowledge of objective figures, for false belief that their “sexual performance” would be better with a larger penis.

Some men are especially bothered by the size at rest because of a penis which retracts strongly at rest which makes it difficult for them to undress. This is called “locker room syndrome” and is very common.

Men stop their sports career because of it or lose confidence in themselves completely in the intimacy because they think they have a small penis or do not dare to have relations.

Methods gleaned from the internet

Unfortunately out of shame, the vast majority of them do not consult but turn to the methods sold on the internet.

They can be summed up in one word: scam! If there was a cream, pill, or other product that made penis lengthen so simply, everyone would have known about it for a long time.

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For people who have a rather low average penis size and want to improve it, there are 3 methods:

  • First of all limit the subcutaneous abdominal fat in the lower abdomen, because it can hide part of the base of the penis. Without this fat, one or two centimeters of the penis is released which becomes visible instead of being buried.
  • Very small doses of erectile drugs taken regularly. These drugs have a double effect, they relax the muscles around the penis which helps the penis to be more outward and they increase the flow and blood pressure in the penis, which pushes it outwards. This is especially useful in men who have a penis that retracts strongly in the resting state.
  • Traction methods, like all flexible organs in the body, prolonged traction lengthens tissue. This is seen with earlobes and wearing heavy earrings. At the level of the penis it is the same principle. Prolonged traction can end up lengthening it by an inch or two. Often extensors are used with a ring placed at the base and another under the glans. It is necessary to adjust the length of the rods. For this to work, it must be used for several hours a day for several months at least. It’s very restrictive and most men give up quickly.
    This method is especially useful in men who have deformity or shortening of their penis as a result of a disease such as diabetes, which can retract the penis, Peyrony’s disease or bladder cancer etc.

What about surgical operations?

The operation is the ultimate alternative in case of a small penis, but beware, these are not trivial interventions and they allow you to gain two cm on average.

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The most common operation is to cut the suspensory ligament of the penis, which allows it to be pulled outwards, freeing the part of the internal penis. Not all of these methods seem so simple or trivial.

Advice from sex therapists

Sexologists advise against it because the results are not always up to the risk taken. There are quite a few patient disappointments. It is possible to improve “sexual performance”, improve sexual self-confidence and all sexual well-being, without necessarily affecting the size of the penis.

The sexual pleasure and that of the partners does not depend primarily on the size of the penis but on all the rest of the sexuality. The penis is just a detail, whatever its size.

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