A few days before the examination by the Constitutional Council of the anti-Covid law, which provides, among other things, for the implementation of the health pass in hospitals, the Order of Physicians is expressing its fears.

In a statement published on August 2, the Order is concerned “strongly about the conditions for the implementation“health pass in health establishments”which should not deprive patients of care“, joining some unions and associations.

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Mandatory for non-emergency patients or visitors

The anti-Covid bill, which was adopted definitively on July 25 by Parliament, provides for the obligation of the health pass for non-emergency patients or visitors to health establishments and retirement homes.

The Order of Physicians recalls that the public service mission assumed by all caregivers is to guarantee access to care for all“, can we read in his press release published on Monday.

Already applied in cultural and leisure venues since July 21, the extension of the health pass is scheduled for August 9. In the meantime, the Constitutional Council is due to render its decision on Thursday.

Concern for patients at the end of their life

The French Society for Support and Palliative Care (SFAP) also alerts Monday “on the importance of maintaining the presence of relatives with patients at the end of their life“.

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At the same time, the directors of the AD-PA nursing homes called “to consider establishments for the elderly as places of residence and thus guarantee to the elderly who reside there the possibility of maintaining the family, social, relational links … which are theirs under the same conditions as for all French people“.

How to accept that people in need of care and who go to the hospital can be turned away because they do not have a health pass?“asked professionals from the world of psychiatry in an open letter sent to Jean Castex on Friday.

“Encourage support to vaccination sites”

Rather than keeping patients away from healthcare services, it would be more appropriate, and strongly necessary, to promote support to the places of vaccination for the most psychologically disadvantaged patients.“, add the signatories, including the Union Syndicale de la Psychiatrie, the Union of Hospital Psychiatrists and the National Federation of Psychiatric Users’ Associations.

The National Union of Hospital Doctors (SNMH FO) invited Thursday to refuse “these additional obstacles to patient care!“. And even before the law was passed, the College of Gynecologists had demanded that”the management of pregnancies can continue under the conditions usually required“.