Faced with the increase in hospitalizations, the Regional Health Agency announced the activation of the “white plan” in hospitals in Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur. The same announcement had been made the day before for hospitals in Corsica.

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Old Port, Marseille. Photo Credits: © Pani Garmyder / Shutterstock

While the holidays are in full swing in tourist areas, the progression of the covid worries the health authorities.

In Paca, in just one week “hospitalizations for covid increased by 56%“, explains the ARS in a press release. In critical care, “this increase reaches 46%“.

the incidence rate in the region also increased sharply in one week, reaching 562 per 100,000 against 404 per 100,000 at the end of July.

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White plane trigger

Tuesday, Corsica was the first metropolitan region to announce the launch of the white plan in its hospitals. The ARS Paca followed by announcing, too, the implementation of this plan.

This step makes it possible to mobilize all health personnel in order to increase the number of intensive care and hospitalization beds for Covid patients. If the situation worsens, the plan provides for the possibility of scheduling non-urgent activities.

In Marseille, 102 Covid patients were hospitalized in the public assistance services of Marseille hospitals (AP-HM), including 31 in intensive care. “The pressure is increasing every day“, the AP-HM told AFP at the start of the week, while affirming that it did not need at this stage to recall caregivers on leave.

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