Green light for the health pass.

The Constitutional Council validated Thursday the health pass, including for cafes-restaurants, the most emblematic but also controversial measure of the new law aimed at countering the Covid-19 epidemic, however criticizing the compulsory isolation of infected people .

The Wise People believe that the health pass results from a “balanced reconciliation” between public freedoms and health protection, in a crucial decision for the planned implementation of this device by the government on Monday.

No compulsory isolation or termination of fixed-term contracts

Constitutional judges, on the other hand, believe that compulsory isolation of patients for a period of ten days was not “necessary, appropriate” or “proportionate”.

They also recalibrate the provisions concerning the termination of contract of employees on CDD who would not present the pass if their activity requires it, considering that there was a “difference in treatment” with people on CDI, who cannot be dismissed for this pattern.

Compulsory vaccination of caregivers

The Council also finds no fault with the vaccination obligation for caregivers and other professions in contact with people at risk. It also validates it for visitors or non-urgent patients in health establishments and retirement homes as long as the latter does not “obstruct access to care”.

The possibility for the prefects to subject the access of certain shopping centers to the health pass is also validated in a “proportionate” way.

The health pass has already entered into force in July in “places of leisure and culture” bringing together more than 50 people. With the new law, it must be extended to cafes, restaurants, fairs and trade shows, as well as planes, trains, long-distance coaches and medical establishments except in emergencies.

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Young people between 12 and 17 years old are exempt until September 30.

Next step: the government will now work on its implementing decrees, hoping to be able to bring its provisions into force on Monday, August 9.