Emmanuel Macron confirmed Thursday that the executive was preparing to organize an anti-Covid vaccine booster campaign “at the start of the school year” for “the most fragile and the oldest”.

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Yes, it will probably take a 3rd dose, not for everyone right away but in any case for the oldest and most fragile (…), at this stage, but we learn at each step“, explained Emmanuel Macron during a video shot from Fort Brégançon, his summer residence.


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He had already announced on July 12 the principle of a recall campaign at the start of the school year for the most vulnerable, as do other countries, such as Israel.

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Details to come

The exact scope of people who will be offered a vaccine booster at the start of the school year should be the subject of arbitration “next week“, announced Tuesday the Ministry of Health.

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Currently, the third dose is only recommended for immunosuppressed patients.

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