In recent days, Nabilla Vergara, the famous influencer with 6.7 million subscribers on Instagram, was absent from social networks. The star announced that she had been recovering for several days from the hand, foot and mouth disease.

This viral infection is mild, but very contagious. Although it mainly affects young children, adults are not immune. It is moreover by kissing their son that Nabilla and her husband would have contracted this infection.

A sudden rash of small red spots

Hand, foot and mouth disease is characterized by several symptoms. The first last 1 to 2 days: fever, loss of appetite, headaches etc …

Once these symptoms have passed, pimples arrive. They appear on the hands, feet, and mouth. This is where the name of this disease comes from.

Nabilla compares her illness to “chickenpox”.

In the mouth, the small red dots turn into small blisters before bursting and making ulcers (like canker sores). These blisters can be so painful for children that they refuse to eat and drink. However, hand, foot and mouth disease can dehydrate the body. This is why it is important to monitor the hydration of the child.

Evolution of the disease

The rash of hand, foot and mouth disease lasts about 10 days and the child heals. It is immune to the disease, but only for the particular form of virus contracted”, Can we read on the Health Insurance website.

To know more : the Health Insurance website

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