How does a packet of Marlboro relate to a Vectura medical inhaler? A priori, nothing. Yet now they have a common shareholder: Philip Morris.

Indeed, the tobacco giant announced in a statement have acquired 22.6% of the capital of the British company Vectura, which specializes in medical inhalers.

After much negotiation, the Vectura company finally accepted the highest takeover offer from Philip Morris.

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A disturbing union

As discussions between Philip Morris and Vectura began, many associations expressed their concern.

In open letter published on August 12, 35 associations, including The Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation, challenged Vectura on this collaboration: “The tobacco industry should not profit from the diseases their products cause. (…) We urge you to decline Philip Morris’s offer”.

A repurchase which is therefore disturbing, especially since Vectura’s inhalers are intended in particular to treat diseases related to … tobacco.

As a reminder, in 2020, 1.8 million people have died of lung cancer (WHO). In the majority of cases, smoking is involved.

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