Will there be a third dose of Pfizer vaccine? “Probably“, said Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, in statements released on April 15 by the channel. CNBC.

This dose should be administered “within six to twelve months“after the second. Then,”from there there will be a vaccination again every year“continued the boss of the pharmaceutical giant, before indicating that”all this (had to) be confirmed “.

Currently, this messenger RNA vaccine is administered in two doses. Initially separated by 28 days, these doses have been spaced 42 days apart in France since April 14.

Strengthen immunity to variants

On the other hand, variants will play a key role“, added Albert Bourla. On this subject, the alliance Pfizer / BioNTech had already announced in February to test the effectiveness of a third dose on the participants of the initial clinical trial. The objective was to evaluate the possible effect of this vaccine on immune reinforcement against variants of the coronavirus.

A recall already planned in the United States

The aim is to achieve the strongest possible immunity for “minimize the number of people vulnerable to the virus“, continued Albert Bourla.

In the United States, where 38% of the population has already been vaccinated, health authorities are preparing for this third dose. The director of the Biden administration’s anti-covid cell assured on April 15 that Americans should expect to receive a vaccine booster in order to protect them against circulating coronavirus variants.

11.4 million doses of Pfizer injected in France

The other messenger RNA vaccine, the Moderna vaccine, also requires two doses. For now, the company has not communicated on the possibility of a third dose.

In France, as of April 16, 11.7 million people have received a dose of vaccine and 4 million have received both doses, or respectively about 17% and 6% of the French population, according to the site CovidTracker. In all, 11.4 million doses of Pfizer and 1.18 million doses of Moderna were administered.