Posted on Monday, December 16, 2013

The CNMSS offers you the possibility from its website to settle a business directly online, using your bank card.

As part of its missions, the CNMSS is required to recover sums of different kinds such as overdue services …

Thus, in order to develop and modernize its service offering, the CNMSS since September 2013 has it set up an online payment service on its website.

You can now pay directly online using your bank card.

This service is fast, reliable, easy to access and free.

How do I proceed ?

With my bank card and my letter which mentions the business number, I go to the page “JI am a healthcare professional / In 1 click / I pay online and I fill out the form.

Who to contact in case of difficulty?

I call her CNMSS to the number 04 94 16 36 00