After infection with covid, the risk of developing a psychological or neurological disorder is increased. This is the result of a study published on April 07 in “The Lancet Psychiatry”.

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After covid, a third of patients suffer from psychological and neurological disorders

What if covid left traces after infection in some people’s lives? This is what a study published in The Lancet Psychiatry. Out of 236,379 records of patients infected with covid, 1 in 8 people would have received a first diagnosis of a neurological or psychological disorder within 6 months of infection.

Compared with people who suffered from the flu or a respiratory tract infection, diagnoses were higher for coronavirus survivors.

Anxiety, mood disorders

And among these diagnoses, a large proportion of anxiety and mood disorders were detected. “There is disease-induced cerebral fragility with effects on inflammation and the immune system, which increase the risk of having psychiatric symptoms, but there are also psychological repercussions.

Because having been sick means having been afraid of dying in certain cases, having been upset in your life and therefore that, in itself, can also have psychological repercussions in the form of anxiety disorders, mood disorders. “ explains Professor Antoine Pelissolo, psychiatrist at Henri Mondor hospital (94).

For some, this can result in depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances or even addictions. Pathologies that risk being recurrent or becoming chronic.