Thanks to a network of 27 retired doctors, the Covidom Oxygen platform represents an alternative to hospitalization thanks to home oxygenation. 340 patients are currently benefiting from it.

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After resuscitation, home oxygenation for Covid-19 patients

Andriamadio Ratsimandresy, 69, has developed a severe form of Covid-19. After spending ten days in intensive care, the breathing problems persisted. Thanks to a home oxygenation system, he was able to leave the hospital, reassured.

“It’s convenient to have these tools at home. We really have peace of mind. If there is one thing that is wrong with the Covid, it is anxiety.” he.

Relieve hospitals

Andriamadio Ratsimandresy is monitored daily by a retired doctor and volunteer from Covidom Oxygen. Home oxygenation is a solution to relieve hospital services.

According to the partner doctors of the device, more than 7,500 days of hospitalization would have been saved, the equivalent of a service of 30 beds occupied 100% for eight months.

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