In a report made public Tuesday, May 18, the Comptroller General of places of deprivation of liberty denounces the living conditions of detainees at the Bédenac detention center (Charente-Maritime). This center is dedicated to aging people with reduced mobility.

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Alert on “inhumane” conditions in a detention center

Very sick, elderly, infirm, incontinent people who only receive a visit two to three times a week and stay the rest of the time in their soiled bed“: the teams of the Controller General of places of deprivation of liberty observed” inhuman “treatment during their visit to the Bédenac detention center (Charente-Maritime), from March 29 to April 2, 2021.

Conditions denounced by caregivers

This center is dedicated to aging prisoners or those with reduced mobility. Dominique Simonnot cannot explain it to himself: “It had been 4 years since caregivers alerted the health authorities in vain, the doctor slammed the door. “

There is a law that has existed since 2002, which says that when people are too sick, their sentence must be suspended.“, recalls the CGLPL.”The health authorities must use all their might to get these people out of there, or else we put in decent means to welcome these people.“The ministers of health and justice responded with a letter, and promised more resources.

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