After four years of work, a Nantes company specializing in hygiene has developed an air purifier against all sources of indoor pollution … It would be effective against covid.

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An effective air purifier against covid?

Designed before the Covid-19 epidemic, this air purifier tackles anything that can harm our health when we breathe … including viruses. “We are addressing the overall air quality, these famous aerosol particles, chemical pollutants and finally the microbial load, that includes viruses, bacteria, mold. The goal is to reduce, to catch as quickly as possible this mass of air, in the most homogeneous way to come and reduce the microbial load which is in the room ” explains Pierre-Alexandre Niemir-Deveau Scientific Director of the JVD company.

1,500 euros for this device

Different settings are possible depending on the volume of the room, from 20 to 60 m2. The machine must be on the ground to create downward air flows and limit the risk of contamination from one person to another in the event of a meeting, for example. It is the result of years of research to combine devices for ultrafiltration and destruction of contaminating particles.

This level of requirement was established according to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry or healthcare facilities such as nursing homes, encountered during the design of this purifier. The price of this device is 1500 euros. But of course, today it does not make it possible to overcome the rule of barrier gestures in collective spaces.

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