On paper, it looks simple: a QR code as a pass and you’re done. But in reality, obtaining a valid health pass still encounters bugs. Overview of the main problems you may encounter and our solutions to solve them.

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I tested positive but I do not have a QR code to obtain my certificate of recovery

If you tested positive for covid more than 11 days and less than six months ago, the QR code of your PCR test result is considered a valid health pass. Problem: this QR code is not always delivered at the time of the results. So how do you get it back?

First scenario: your positive test was less than 90 days ago and it is your last test. In this case, your QR code is available on the platform sidep.gouv.fr. Connect with your Ameli codes to have access to your QR code. You can then print this QR code or download it in the TousAntiCovid application.

Second scenario: your positive test was over 90 days ago or you have since tested negative. Your QR code is therefore no longer visible in sidep. In this case, you must turn to the laboratory which carried out your PCR test and ask them to reissue the result. If it is more than three months old, the laboratory will not be able to send you a QR code, but you will have reached the time required to be vaccinated and obtain a vaccination certificate.

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I was vaccinated before May 3, 2021 and I did not get a QR code

If you were vaccinated after May 3, 2021, the vaccination center gave you a QR code on a paper document. But before that date, this was not the case.

To retrieve this sesame, you must then go to the dedicated Health Insurance website: attestation-vaccin.ameli.fr. Connect via FranceConnect, using your Ameli credentials for example. You can then download the certificate and print the QR code or download it in the TousAntiCovid application.

Another possible solution: contact the healthcare professional or the center that vaccinated you. Both will be able to issue this certificate to you themselves. Your attending physician can also provide you with this certificate.

I had covid and I don’t know when to get vaccinated, or with how many doses to activate my health pass

After a covid infection, you must wait before you can get the vaccine. In June 2021, the Ministry of Health set this deadline at a minimum of two months after infection.

For its part, the High Authority of Health (HAS) recommends approaching six months to achieve the single dose of vaccine needed to be protected after infection.

In practice, in vaccination centers, the pre-vaccination interview with a doctor will allow you to assess your personal situation. You may be offered a rapid serologic test (TROD) before the first dose, “regardless of when the infection occurred“, indicates the HAS. And this in particular if your infection dates from more than six months ago, period after which the quantity of antibodies could decrease.

This test will tell you whether or not you still have anti-covid antibodies in your blood.

You can also perform this test on your own initiative, before vaccination, in a laboratory or in a pharmacy, with or without a prescription.

  • If this test is positive, a single dose of vaccine will be necessary, and your health pass will be active in France seven days after this dose.
  • If it is negative, you will need two doses of vaccine, spaced 21 to 49 days apart and your health pass will be valid seven days after the second dose.