The debate on the compulsory vaccination of caregivers against Covid-19 continued throughout the weekend and the executive will increase consultations over the coming days, especially around this issue.

In the JDD on Sunday July 4, several department heads who have become media figures of the pandemic are asking for a measure “effective before the beginning of September” to “avoid a fourth wave”, a fear reinforced by the rapid progression of the Delta variant, very contagious.

Fear of a 4th wave this summer

“The vaccine is a chance, not a penalty”, insisted Sunday evening the Minister of Health Olivier Véran, warning of the risk of a possible resurgence of the epidemic, in particular under the effect of this variant Delta which is gaining ground in many countries.

“Asking a caregiver to get vaccinated is not pointing the finger at it,” said the minister, who was attending a special edition of the Solidays music festival dedicated … to caregivers.

A still “insufficient” level of vaccination

It is a question of “asking them to go to the end of their commitment”, while certain vaccines are already compulsory for them, recalled Olivier Véran. The vaccination rate for caregivers peaks at 57% in nursing homes and 64% in hospitals, according to the French Hospital Federation (FHF).

A level which “remains clearly insufficient”, also explained in the JDD the “Mr. vaccine” of the government, Alain Fischer. And to conclude that “for these professionals, we have reached this point of last resort” of the obligation.

Vaccination, “the only solution”

The bosses of Medef and CFDT, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux and Laurent Berger, have already given their point of view. In a joint column published by the JDD under the title “Vaccination is the only solution”, they say “attached to two principles: voluntary service and medical confidentiality.

But “the former may however have exceptions for employees in contact with the public in the name of the essential protection of others”.

This is the main argument of the supporters of compulsory vaccination of health personnel, while the pressure has been decreasing for several weeks on the French health system.

Decrease in hospitalizations

On Sunday, 7,913 Covid-19 patients were hospitalized, at the lowest since October 9, in the midst of the rise of the second epidemic wave which would lead to re-containment. Critical care, reserved for the most seriously ill patients, returned to their level at the end of September, with 1,104 patients.

The government therefore does not intend to extend the debate on compulsory vaccination any further.

“Today, our working environment is caregivers, not beyond caregivers,” the government spokesman, Gabriel Attal, said on Sunday once again on radio J. For him, “the question compulsory vaccination for the entire population at this stage does not arise “, although he has learned” never to exclude anything for the future on principle “.

But some say they are already in favor of this hypothesis, such as the boss of the Modem and High Commissioner for Planning, François Bayrou in the Grand Jury RTL / LCI / Le Figaro. “Let’s start with persuasion and incitement,” he insisted, however.