Are vaccinated people subject to the same restrictions as others? Yes, sliced ​​the Board of state in an order issued on April 2. Vaccination against covid-19 “does not completely eliminate“the risk of contamination, which justifies maintaining travel restrictions for vaccinated people,” says the institution.

The Council of State had been seized in summary on this subject by a resident of one of the first departments where travel was limited to 10 kilometers in mid-March.

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Virus carriers

Today, the highest French administrative court judges that this “violation of individual liberty (…) cannot, as it stands, with regard to the objectives pursued, be regarded as disproportionate, in so far as it applies to vaccinated persons“.

It recalls in fact that, although “effective“, the vaccination “ does not completely eliminate the possibility that vaccinated people may still carry the virus “ and infect unvaccinated people. Especially since many vulnerable people have not yet been vaccinated.

No collective immunity yet

As for collective immunity, which reduces the circulation of the virus when a sufficient number of people are vaccinated within the population, it is not reached in France.

To date, in fact, 12.74% of French people have received at least one dose of vaccine. And only 4.26% received both doses. For collective immunity to be achieved, generally set at 60% of the population, at least 47.26% of French people still need to be vaccinated.