A number of cases that triples in less than two weeks. The covid outbreak in Moscow worries authorities and has resulted in further restrictions and closures of places open to the public.

And this worsening of the epidemic could be explained by the presence of the Delta variant, or Indian variant, according to the mayor of Moscow.

“Huge dynamic”

Most likely, we are faced with new, more aggressive variants that spread faster.“, estimated the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin on June 17. The increase in the number of cases in recent weeks is indeed a”huge dynamic ” which had not been “observed in previous waves“he added.

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Almost 90% Delta variant

Then, on June 18, he clarified his words: the Delta variant represents nearly 90% of new cases of covid in Moscow.

More precisely, “According to the latest data we have obtained, 89.3% of patients are infected with a coronavirus which has mutated, says Delta, the Indian variant. And it’s more aggressive, spreads faster“, admitted the mayor on the antenna of the television channel Pervi Kanal.

Anna Popova, director of the sanitary gendarme Rospotrebnadzor, had revealed the day before that “the proportion of the Indian variant (henceforth called “delta variant”) has been rising sharply for two weeks“.

Little vaccination …

In addition to the circulation of this variant, which is more contagious than the other strains of coronavirus, there are other factors that may have favored this new virulent wave.

First of all, poor adherence to vaccination: since December, only 19 million Russians out of 146 million inhabitants have received at least one dose. And in Moscow, 1.8 million people have received at least one injection out of the 12 or 13 million inhabitants that the city has officially counted.

… no barrier gestures

At the same time, no restrictions had been put in place for months and the wearing of a mask, like the rules of distancing, were generally not respected in the country.

Taken together, these conditions may have paved the way for rapid propagation of the Delta variant.