The sports brand asks its customers to no longer use certain “Nabaiji” brand baby buoys. Three models are affected.

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In the middle of the summer season, Decathlon is launching a reminder for a product very popular with children: buoys.

The products of the BABY ARCH BUOY model purchased between January 01, 2021 and July 3, 2021 inclusive, must no longer be used. For good reason, the solder of the product is considered too fragile. If it breaks, it separates the inflatable part from the fabric part where the child is.

The latter can then end up directly in the water, and therefore, in danger.

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Even if this phenomenon does not “only occurs in very rare cases”, The sign calls for bringing these products back to the store (for a refund) as a precautionary principle.

As a reminder, with or without a buoy, the child must remain under the supervision of his parents.

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