Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2017

Loss of paper documents or malfunction in the remote transmission of the electronic care sheet (ESF)? Please note, the mention “DUPLICATE” should only be reserved in certain cases: the advice of the CNMSS for effective treatment.

For effective processing, reserve the DUPLICATE mention only for the following cases

  1. Loss of paper documents
  2. Malfunction in the remote transmission of the electronic treatment sheet (ESF).

To avoid double payment, a 2 months from the date of treatment is necessary before sending a care sheet with the mention “duplicate”.

A DUPLICATE should not be used in the event of

  • Teletransmission rejections : Follow the instructions in the letter accompanying the rejection. If you have difficulty re-uploading, contact your editor.
  • Supporting documents B2 degraded : indicate “PJ B2 DEGRADE” on the treatment sheet and attach the teletransmission slip.
  • Incorrect or incomplete payment : indicate the word “CORRECTIVE”.
  • Proof for mutual : do not edit it on the care sheet, reserved for reimbursement of the compulsory part of health insurance.

Before sending a DUPLICATE

  • check your statements on your Professional Space,
  • check your returns NOEMIE,
  • follow the indications of the letters accompanying your rejections.

A question ?

Your dedicated point of contact is the pole responsible for relations with healthcare professionals. You can contact him by:

  • Internet, on the CNMSS
  • Telephone on 04 94 16 97 01 (choice 1),
  • Mail to 247 avenue Jacques CARTIER, 83090 TOULON cedex 9.

Respecting these instructions means allowing the CNMSS to settle your files as soon as possible, eliminating the risk of double payments and avoiding recoveries on your future reimbursements.