Posted on Tuesday 15 December 2020

Each user, individual, health professional, can benefit from the right to make mistakes and rectify spontaneously or at the request of the administration his error. The right to make mistakes applies to inaccuracies or omissions made in good faith and for the first time. The CNMSS makes every effort to respect this right.

As part of the “Public Service +” program by directing the Marianne service commitments pre-existing to all public services in relation to the user towards a benevolent State, the ESSOC law of August 10, 2018 for a State in the Service of a SOciété de Confiance is part of the government’s desire to modernize the action of public services, by strengthening the framework of a relationship of trust between users, individuals or companies and administrations, based on two fundamental principles: trust ”and“ keep it simple ”.

The government site lists the most frequent administrative errors, the main difficulties encountered and provides advice on how to avoid them. Among the themes concerned, health appears in the section: “I take care of my health”.

How to proceed in case of error?

The error can be rectified at any time, including during a diligent control by the administration.

To report and correct your error, go to the page “I contact the CNMSS” (Assured space) or “I contact the CNMSS” (Professional health space) to preferably send an email to the CNMSS.

However, you still have the possibility to contact the CNMSS by phone at
04 94 16 36 00 or send a letter by post to the following address:

National Military Security Fund
247 avenue Jacques Cartier

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