The reduction in social relations, taken to the extreme during confinement, constitutes a real “psychological aggression”, according to Boris Cyrulnik. Because our brain has a constant need for interactions. Otherwise, it atrophies.

Meaningful thanks to meetings and projects

According to this specialist, to resist the health crisis, it is necessary to have a project that creates a form of stimulation to give meaning to the constraints. Just like the astronauts for whom confinement in a space shuttle represents the ultimate culmination of their professional life. “They are unlikely to confine themselves and it is the best adventure of their life because it has meaning! », Specifies the neuropsychiatrist.

Today, with neither short nor medium term projects, the ordeal of confinement and isolation is particularly painful for students. The absence of projects prevents them from making sense of the situation: “They no longer have anyone to talk to, they no longer have dreams to fulfill,” continues Boris Cyrulnik. “Whereas meaning can only be given by an encounter and by a project! “

Urgently provide a project to students

We must therefore do everything to give them a boost. “We can only wake them up if we tell them ‘we are going to catch up!’, He explains. You have to work ten times more, we are going to make groups to stimulate each other, with a teacher! Their courage will then be foolproof. »With real urgency when some have already dropped out…