Madeleine Bonnet is one of the residents in favor of vaccination. For her, the question does not arise, but, before receiving her injection, she must have a pre-vaccination consultation.

“There is a reluctance against this vaccine, we wonder why when we think that in August people were crying for a vaccine when there is hope we must seize it” she explains.

Risk-benefit calculation

However, not all people are candidates for vaccination and for this, Dr Anne Laurent-Priou analyzes the risk benefit for each of these residents.

“We check that he is fine, that he has good constants and then we check that there is no allergy, we check if he has already been vaccinated and if the vaccinations have gone well, we always do the same thing, there it is just the context which is particular “.

Collection of consents

Once the consents have been obtained, the precise number of doses is ordered. 24 hours later, the first Pfizer-BioNtech vaccines arrive. While waiting for this “end of year gift”, it will have been necessary to put the establishments under cover, by reducing the emotional bonds between the residents and their close relations.

In this EPHAD, out of 36 residents 14 have been vaccinated against COVID 19.