Avoid Spain (and) Portugal in your destinations.“This is the recommendation of the Secretary of State for European Affairs, Clément Beaune, guest of 4 Truths sure France 2 July 8.

You should be careful. And in general, the pandemic is not over“He also recalls, referring of course to the progression of the highly contagious variant Delta. If it now represents 40% of cases in France, its proportion has already reached 90% in Portugal.

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“Stay in France”

We are particularly monitoring the situation in countries where the outbreak is very rapid: Portugal, Spain, Catalonia in particular, where many French people go to party, for holidays. Warning: very great caution“, warns Clément Beaune.

It is a recommendation on which I insist, it is better to stay in France or go to other countries“He continues. A piece of advice that echoes the words of President Macron who advanced in early June:”in 2021 the holidays are in France“.

New restrictions to come?

Faced with the progression of the Delta variant, the proportion of which doubles every week in France, an exceptional Health Defense Council will be held on July 12. The government should decide on new reinforced measures to stem a possible fourth wave.