A long journey of more than a month through the Amazon and 25 kilos of lost, this is what awaited Antonio Sena on January 28 when the engine of his plane stopped in the middle of the jungle. Fortunately, this 36-year-old Brazilian pilot managed to land without too much damage, somewhere north of the Amazon River.

Once removed from the carcass, Antonio collects a few things that could help him survive in the jungle. Then he waits for help to arrive. But after a week, no one. The pilot then left alone to the east to try to find civilization.

Survival course, practical test

Antonio knows the jungle: born in the Amazon, he also took a jungle survival course during his aviation training. He uses this knowledge to find food without endangering himself.

For example, “there was a fruit that I had never seen in my life, but I observed that the monkeys used to eat it,” he told the BBC. “So I thought if the monkeys could eat it, I could do that too. “

In addition, he manages to find eggs to supplement his nutritional intake with protein.

Avoid predators

Once its food has been found, there remains one problem: not to become the food of other animals! To do this, the pilot applies survival tips learned alongside permanent inhabitants of the Amazon.

So, whenever he stops, his shelter is built on top of the hills, and never near a water source. “Jaguars, crocodiles and anacondas have a great relationship with water,” Antonio told the BBC.

In addition, the pilot endeavors to make as much noise as possible when moving. This is because a surprised animal is more likely to attack than an animal that hears you coming.

The end of the ordeal after 38 days

Deliverance is finally coming. After 38 days during which he lost 25 kilos: Antonio comes across a small group of Brazil nut collectors. This group welcomes him and contacts his mother to tell her that he is alive.

The pilot later posted these two photos on his Instagram profile. The first, where he stands in the middle with a black top, to pay tribute to his rescuers, and the second to end his journey with emotion.