Good start for the health pass. This anti-covid sesame, which has existed in France since June 9, is widely extended from July 21. Its objective is to limit access to certain places to people who have been vaccinated, immunized or tested negative for covid in order to curb the epidemic.

In which places?

The presentation of a health pass will be required to access all establishments, places and cultural or leisure events that welcome more than 50 people.

These are performance halls, theaters, cinemas, game rooms, marquees, conference rooms but also dance halls, sports fields, gymnasiums, indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Libraries, museums, trade fairs and exhibition fairs are also concerned.

Places of worship are also included in this list, but not for religious ceremonies. The health pass will only be required in the event of a visit or for non-religious events.

Some vacation spots like swimming pools and theaters at campsites and vacation clubs also require a health pass.

Who is concerned ?

All adults over 18 must present a health pass to access these places. Adolescents aged 12-17, initially included in this system, benefit from a reprieve at least until August 30, perhaps until the end of September. Children up to 11 years old are not affected by the health pass.

Foreign tourists over the age of 18 will also have to comply with the pass obligation in the places where it is in force.

What does it look like ?

The health pass is in the form of a QR code. It can be presented in paper format, photographed or in digital format in the TousAntiCovid application.

Three situations give rise to a valid health pass:

  • a negative test (PCR or antigen) of less than 48 hours,
  • a certificate of recovery that proves that you have been infected and that you have recovered from covid. In this case, it is a positive PCR or antigen test of at least 11 days and less than six months,
  • a certificate of complete vaccination schedule, ie seven days after the second dose for France but 14 days for other European countries.

When does it become mandatory?

From July 21 in the places listed above. It will be extended in early August to more places: long-distance transport (coaches, trains, planes, ferries) but also cafes and restaurants.

The question of shopping centers is not yet completely settled: the sanitary pass, initially considered as compulsory for all these centers, could ultimately only be required for those over 20,000 m2, while ensuring access to basic necessities.

Until when ?

The duration of this device has not yet been fixed. Legally, the use of the health pass is currently authorized until September 30, 2021 by the law for managing the exit from the health crisis. But this date could be postponed depending on the evolution of the epidemic.

With or without a mask?

The government announced on July 20 that wearing a mask will no longer be compulsory in places where entry is subject to the health pass. But this rule may change locally, depending on the epidemic situation. Prefects, operators and organizers will thus be able to reapply the obligation to wear a mask if local circumstances justify it.