In addition to those over 75, nearly 800,000 people “suffering from particularly serious diseases” will be able to receive the vaccine “.

This concerns “in particular people suffering from severe renal failure, those who have had an organ transplant, people undergoing treatment for cancer or even those with trisomy 21”, detailed the Minister of Health Olivier Véran during the weekly government press conference.

The list also includes some rare diseases, the ministry said. These people will need a prescription from their doctor beforehand, added Mr. Véran.

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Vaccination of people with disabilities

For people with disabilities, Secretary of State Sophie Cluzel said on January 14 in a press release that “an Easy To Read and Understand (FALC) sheet” was available on the website of the Secretary of State for “to facilitate the understanding of the vaccination process and allow the good information of all”.

In total, 6.4 million people are thus “called to be vaccinated” from January 18, according to Mr. Véran.

Methods of vaccination

For people over 75, Health Insurance will send a letter from January 20 to inform them that they can be vaccinated and “specify the arrangements for making an appointment”, she said. to AFP.

These mailings, addressed to nearly 5 million seniors, will take several days and will concern “primarily those 75 and over with co-morbidities, then those without co-morbidity”.

On January 14, some 70,000 new people had received the first injection of the Covid-19 vaccine, bringing the number of people vaccinated in France to 318,000, said the minister.