The expected decline still does not come. In the hospitals of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Covid patients continue to arrive. For Dr Olivier Garosi, emergency doctor at Dijon CHU (21), “The 2nd wave is not over. There are always patients who arrive, who are affected, who get worse. So, it’s far from over! ”.

In the Grand Est, Covid units are full

Same observation in the Grand Est, in Metz. For a week, hospitalizations have increased and the Covid units have been saturated. The caregivers hope that the advanced curfew will come to stop this surge of the epidemic. According to Dr François Braun, emergency doctor at CHU Metz-Thionville (57), “We are in a situation of oversaturation.

So the slightest ripple, the slightest increase in the incidence of Covid patients will totally overwhelm us. That is why anything that can lower the number of patients, reduce contamination, is good for us ”.

New delays in the management of non-covid patients?

In Nancy, the teams fear the worst for the days to come. “We think that around January 7, we will have the Christmas and New Year’s rebound and that it will go from bad to worse, explains Professor Bruno Lévy, Resuscitator at CHU Nancy (54). We will have to think about other solutions which may ultimately involve the transfer of patients from our region to other regions, on condition that they are not reached. ”

Another possibility: shutting down the hospital to accommodate only Covid patients. In Nancy, half of the care has already been deprogrammed. But, that means penalizing other patients again.