• How to make an appointment?

You can go to the public site sante.fr to find the contact details of the vaccination center closest to you. You will be asked to make an appointment by phone or internet.

The government also called on 3 private platforms to make an appointment online: Doctolib, Maiia and Keldoc. But for now, it doesn’t work for all cities. This is for example possible if you live in Nancy, but not in Paris.

Note that it is possible to make an appointment for a loved one, if the person is not comfortable with the internet.

  • What if I don’t have internet?

You have the option of calling a national phone number: 0800 009 110, active from today, January 15th. But it will not allow you to make an appointment directly.

The Health Insurance will gradually send a letter to all people over the age of 75 with the contact details of the nearest vaccination centers. This will allow you to know where to call to register.

  • How will the vaccination go?

The vaccine is free. But, the day of the appointment, you will have to come with your vital card. You will have to provide information such as your Social Security number or your place of birth.

On site, a doctor or nurse will ask you a few questions about your state of health or you will have to fill out a simple questionnaire on your medical history. The aim is to check that you do not have any contraindication to vaccination. You should, for example, wait at least 3 weeks after having been vaccinated against the flu.

To be effective, the vaccines currently available require two injections. It will therefore be necessary to return a few weeks later to the vaccination center. The time between the two appointments depends on the type of vaccine but also on the number of doses available.

For people who cannot travel, the government is planning mobile teams to vaccinate at home. But for the moment, the device is not yet operational.