Several cases of the new British variant of the coronavirus have been detected in France in recent days. Are children more affected by this new strain?

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Covid: is the British variant more dangerous for children?

They were not so far ill from Covid-19. But, since the appearance of the English variant, medical teams have observed an increase in contaminations in children. This does not mean, however, that they are more sensitive to it.

A more transmissible variant

“The English variant is generally more transmissible either in adults or in children, explains Dr Véronique Hentgen, pediatrician at Versailles CH (78). Since it is more contagious, it also infects more children. After what you need to know is what this variant is not more serious. It gives the same type of disease as the previous variant which circulated in France and children do not develop serious forms.

According to the French Society of Pediatrics, even if they are more often sick, children are not the main vectors of the disease. So closing schools to control the epidemic must remain a solution of last resort for them. Indeed, going to school is important for their mental balance.