Remember the kiss of Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr, lying on the beach and caressed by the surf of the ocean. A mythical scene in Hollywood cinema, at the height of eroticism …

A fantasy story

The fantasy of love in the swimming pool, the turquoise sea or the hotel jacuzzi is very common. These places feed the erotic imagination. The moist, sultry skin invites a warm, wet embrace. The movements are easier and the bodies are carried by the water. But be careful not to drink the cup in the sea, if it is not possible to lean somewhere!

The shower, which remains the easiest option to set up, is not without interest: the sparkling foreplay will whet the appetite of couples. Or why not take your partner by surprise by sliding against him?

Beware of infections!

However, a few practical details will dampen the enthusiasm of some. On holiday in Brittany or in the Alps, the icy temperature of the Atlantic Ocean and the mountain lake does not encourage the aquatic trifle.

Small not insignificant detail. The water of the sea, the lake or the untreated swimming pool is swarming with germs, which your mucous membranes, already heated by the comings and goings of the penis, will not appreciate much. Also beware of infections, which will leave a bad memory of your embrace. In a swimming pool, chlorine promotes yeast infection and may irritate the vulva and inside the vagina.

Do you think water will increase lubrication tenfold? Serious error… Indeed, the water dilutes the vaginal secretions, produced under the effect of the excitation to facilitate the comings and goings of the penis. No need to put aside your fantasy for all that. A silicone-based lubricant will remedy this occasional intimate dryness.

Remember to protect yourself!

Obviously, the condom is essential with a new partner. Ditto in the event of infidelity or lack of recent screening for sexually transmitted infections, systematically protect yourself! Some precautions are necessary: ​​place the condom on dry skin to facilitate its installation and remove out of the water. Be aware, however, that reducing lubrication increases friction and the risk of breakage.

In conclusion, if the water ignites the fantasies from the beach towel, the practical details risk turning an erotic frolic into a less glamorous memory. However, a fantasy is priceless: if your mind and body do not dwell on these details, its fulfillment will take you to seventh heaven. Or rather in the seventh wave!