Posted on Friday May 15, 2020

Alongside health professionals in the context of the state of health emergency established on May 24 and extended until July 10, 2020 to fight against the coronavirus pandemic, the CNMSS has been reorganized to guarantee the continuity of its services.
The government has taken specific measures in the context of teleconsultation (quotations, etc.).

In compliance with government measures during the state of health emergency established for two months on May 24 and extended until July 10, 2020, the CNMSS has adapted its organization in order to protect its employees while ensuring the continuity of service.

Reimbursement for healthcare professionals is guaranteed, whether it concerns the files transmitted by secure electronic exchanges with the Vitale card or care files paper, including treatment carried out abroad, records of suspected accidents attributable to service and records of care for war invalids.

You can contact the CNMSS by email using the “I contact the CNMSS” section.

Teleconsultation, remote monitoring and remote care

Teleconsultation, telemonitoring and telesoin acts falling within the derogatory conditions defined by regulations are covered at 100% of the liability tariff by compulsory health insurance.

For this, the professional’s B2 invoice will bear the following data:

  • A 100% reimbursement rate for the teleconsultation act
  • a reason for exemption = 3 (DIV)