Posted on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Exceptional support may be granted and under certain conditions.

In accordance with the provisions of Article R. 5132-12 of the Public Health Code, treatment exceeding 1 month cannot be paid for by social security organizations, except when quarterly conditioning is provided.

An exception to this rule may however be granted exceptionally. by the medical services of the CNMSS, on the occasion of a departure abroad and, in particular in the event of difficulties in accessing treatment.

This procedure must not allow the taking charge of medicines for preventive purposes or the constitution of first aid kits.

Travel within metropolitan territory or in the overseas departments (DOM) are excluded from the scope of this exemption.

The quantity of medication dispensed by the pharmacist at one time cannot exceed 6 months.

On the prescription, the prescribing physician must issue a favorable opinion for the delivery of the quantity of treatment at one time in the context of a departure abroad.

The exemption must respect the maximum prescription periods, in particular for certain drugs including anxiolytics (duration limited to 12 weeks), hypnotics (duration limited to 1 month) or narcotics (limited duration from 14 to 28 days).

In order to obtain an agreement from the medical services, it is necessary, before leaving abroad, to address the CNMSS a prior request by attaching the medical prescription and a sworn statement.