Antivaccines want to avoid injection at all costs. The influencer, Michael Vendetta, even advises in case of “forced vaccination” to use an antivenom pump to extract the serum between 5 and 10 minutes after the injection.

The idea spread on social networks. Not surprisingly, advocates of ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and detractors of the vaccine have seized on it.

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An inefficient method

But unfortunately for people who have tried (and luckily for herd immunity), it is not possible to aspirate a vaccine this way.

Professor Jean-François Saluzzo, expert in virology and vaccination with the WHO, is clear: “It’s nonsense, there’s no point in sucking“.

The vaccine has nothing to do with the venom“, specifies Pr Saluzzo. Indeed, whether they operate with Messenger RNA or a more traditional method, vaccines are molecules which target the cells of the immune system. Objective: to prepare them to face a new virus, Sars -Cov-2 Nothing to do with venom, a molecule that stays in the blood.

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Many unbelievers

Many Internet users have reacted to this eccentric method.

Among them, doctors explained that an aspivenin was of no use.