I am a nurse and I am vaccinated. “”Because it is the only solution. “”For my safety, for your safety: I got the vaccine.

On Twitter, testimonials from vaccinated nurses abound since July 6 with the hashtag # NurseVaccinated.

Protect yourself and others

At the origin of this movement: Julien Martinez, nurse in Lyon, who published on July 6 a video entitled “Why did I decide to get vaccinated against covid?“.

He reveals the reasons which personally pushed him to be vaccinated: to protect himself, his relatives but also the patients and “contribute to the end of this epidemic“.

He also explains how the scientific data accumulated on anti-covid vaccines reassured him and finally calls for “do not make a mistake in the debate“.

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“Don’t listen to the fakenews”

Then Vincent Lautard, also a nurse, in his turn publishes a video in which he explains why the vaccination of caregivers is today “essential“. But not only: he also seeks to”thwart propaganda“from some anti-vaccine caregivers.

Do not listen to those, in the minority, who broadcast Fakenews all day long to scare you“he hammers.”Get vaccinated and campaign for vaccination“, he asks these colleagues.

The hope of ending the covid

Since then, the testimonials of caregivers, often supporting photos and videos, have multiplied on the social network. Everyone talks about their confidence in vaccination and their hope to finally get out of this health crisis and not to relive the horror they have experienced over the past 18 months.