After # Plusde70kgEtSereine, today it is under the #JeSuisGrosseDonc and #JeSuisGrosDonc that overweight people testify to the grossophobia they suffer daily.

From the discrimination of doctors, who blame their weight for the slightest health problem, to unsuitable street furniture and the difficulty of dressing to your size, grossophobia is present at all levels. Enough to make the daily life of fat people a real struggle.

But being overweight remains the subject of many misconceptions, including one that has a hard tooth. Fat people are responsible for their weight, so it would be enough to lose weight and do a little sport to lose. Hence this #, which, like others before him (# Plusde70kgAtSereine), allows the main stakeholders to testify:

While the idea was to allow people to share their experiences to raise awareness, the #JeSuisGrosDonc was quickly hijacked, into a perfect illustration of grossophobia.

Hundreds of “trolls”, these ill-intentioned Internet users, suggest to those who testify to stop complaining, play sports or even eat less.

Violent reactions, which show that the complexity of the mechanisms linked to weight gain is far from being understood by all. Including by those concerned. Among the testimonial tweets, we also find overweight people who praise their sports routine, their weight loss with or without surgery etc …

An attitude that can be guilty for other fat people who can not lose weight, or who do not want to. Because the idea that we can be fat and in good health, or that a fat person does sports for something other than losing weight, remains difficult to hear today.

Last January, the American Cosmopolitan had also caused controversy, by putting in One of the fat women with the title “This is healthy!” (This is also health). For some, such a One was the apology for obesity.

The #JeSuisGrosseDonc is now facing the same accusations. However, in these testimonies, it is not a question of promoting overweight, but of demanding visibility, tolerance. And to be listened to, at the heart of a society that still perceives overweight as a defect.