Orgasm floods the body with positive and stimulating hormones, with multiple effects:

  • Dopamine is the main hormone in the reward system, an area of ​​the brain involved in pleasure.
  • Luliberine, the foreplay hormone, which prompts people to seek contact and caresses.
  • Serotonin bathes us in well-being
  • Endorphins give a feeling of pleasure, during prolonged efforts and during orgasm.
  • The passion hormone, phenylethylamine, is produced under the influence of physical attraction. It causes euphoria and optimism, particularly appreciable in the midst of a pandemic.
  • Oxytocin, promoting attachment, transforms pleasure into a lasting bond.

All in all, this hormonal cocktail brings a real positive bubble.

Effects against stress, anxiety and pain

An orgasm is a powerful anti-stress, thanks to octytocin[1], endorphins and serotonin. In addition, physical activity, certainly relative during intercourse, leads to a decrease in the production of stress hormones, and therefore blood pressure, respiratory rate and vasoconstriction of the vessels. Good news, several studies[2] showed that this anti-stress effect lasted for several days!

Another benefit, often overlooked: sex strengthens personal relationships and social interactions, which promotes well-being.

Orgasm is also known for its analgesic effects, thanks to dopamine[3], endorphins (a natural painkiller), but also because an area involved in pain, the singular cortex, is deactivated. Other areas, which manage emotions, are also deactivated and explain theabsence of anxiety during orgasm, anxiety which is known to increase pain …

Pleasure and letting go against gloom

In a period where everything is under control, from barrier gestures to the reduction of social contact, sexuality can offer a tasty parenthesis of letting go.

In addition, sexuality and its pleasures maintain a positive state of mind. One exercise is interesting to practice: it is about remembering in the evening 3 activities that were good during the day. Orgasm and pleasure are obviously part of it! And even if you don’t have your head spinning, highlighting small pleasures and great joys will give less importance to negative elements. Enough to maintain a virtuous circle to get out of a sometimes heavy atmosphere …