This seems to be a big question that interests people because if you type, “My feet stink” on a search engine, you will come across more than a million results …

The feet are the unloved ones, yet they are the ones who support all the weight of our body!

The foot is a real gem since it contains 26 bones, 16 joints, 107 ligaments and 20 muscles… It is the part of our body that has the most sweat glands, it has 250,000 which are found in the deep layer. skin.

These small invisible glands contribute to the system that will regulate the internal temperature through perspiration.

Who says sweating often says bad smells …

From morning to night, the feet are not spared… walking in sneakers, trampling, sport… The poor rarely have time to get some fresh air… As a result, in the evening, it does not always smell very good.

When you take off your shoes you have microscopic organisms, these bacteria produce volatile compounds, it is they which are responsible for the odors.

For example, when some people find that their feet smell of cheese, well it’s not just an impression … You find the Brevibacterium family on certain feet but also on the rind of certain cheeses.

The other culprit: the shoes!

For these bacteria to thrive, everything is a question of the environment. As the skin flora is unique to everyone, if it is developed, it is a bit the fault of bad luck. The foot lives locked up all day, so it stagnates in perspiration… a blessing for bacteria.

Jérôme Hoellerer, is a podiatrist, he explains which shoes to avoid:

  • The recipe for not smelling your feet too much is not so secret. For the shoes, it is necessary to privilege the noble materials like the leather, to the synthetic one. Prefer rather wide shoes, do not forget the socks and especially alternate every day to let the humidity dry.
  • Of course, don’t forget to wash your feet daily.
  • For people who cannot get rid of the odor, this can be pathological, so do not hesitate to talk to your doctor. There are solutions.