It was a request from hospital doctors and patient associations. PrEP, for pre-exposure prophylaxis, can now be prescribed outside of hospitals. This treatment helps prevent contamination by taking treatment before (and after) any contact with HIV.

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A good prevention tool …

Aurélien Beaucamp, president of the association for the fight against AIDS AIDES, welcomes this possibility. “Very few centers give PrEP, and there is too much waiting when you decide to do it. Today, having a lot of practitioners who can prescribe is ideal for having an impact on the HIV epidemic. “

According to the president of AIDES, the prevention tool that represents PrEP should be used in addition to the condom. “If the condom was the ultimate solution, we wouldn’t hear about HIV for a long time. Some populations cannot wear condoms, such as sex workers, migrants or even some religions. “

… to change the management of the epidemic

For some detractors of this treatment, the possibility of escaping AIDS without using a condom could lead to risky behavior and the patient could contract other STIs. An argument that Mr. Beaucamp refutes.

Indeed, when prescribing PrEP, “there are tests to detect HIV and all other STIs. Every three months, when the prescription is renewed, we redo all these tests. “

According to the president of AIDES, the openness to general practitioners of PrEP can even help in the fight against other sexually transmitted infections.

Since new tests are carried out every three months, it is possible to detect diseases at very early stages, even very discreet diseases, explains Aurélien Beaucamp. A follow-up that would make it possible to avoid a large number of transmissions.