Posted on Monday July 24, 2017

Drawing on the experience of an initial survey carried out in 2013, the Care and follow-up of the injured and pensioner department conducted a new telephone survey in December 2016 among health professionals (work accidents and medical care for pensioners (“art. . L.212-1 “)

Carried out with a panel of healthcare professionals providing care to pensioners (article L.212-1, ex free medical care of article L.115) or to military victims of presumed service-related condition (APIAS), this survey aimed to:

• measure the level of satisfaction of health professionals with the quality of the services provided;

• analyze their behavior according to the chosen contact method: telephone, mail, email;

• check the reputation of the services offered by the CNMSS and encourage their use.

The analysis of the results reveals several strong points, in particular the rates relating to overall satisfaction (Care for pensioners 91% – APIAS 74%) and repayment terms (Pensioners care 86% – APIAS 75%).

Some indicators remain constant, such as heavy phone use (89%) and the quality of case processing, for which no dissatisfaction was expressed.

However, and mainly out of ignorance, the service SESAM-Vitale and the website of the CNMSS remain insufficiently used and should be promoted.