Posted on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Since 07/10/2015, addendum 7, new version of the specifications SESAM-Vitale 1.40 was broadcast by the GIE SESAM-Vitale.

This addendum incorporates several new developments:

  • those published by agreement (third party paying full ACS, dispensation fees, etc.),
  • that relating to the remote transmission of invoices concerning the risk of industrial accidents (AT) for the military.

The CNMSS is therefore able to process external flows relating to ailments presumed attributable to military service (APIAS).

However, if you are not yet equipped with the software version SV1.40 addendum 7 allowing the automatic breaking of the lot on the type of insurance AT, you must split AS or MA lots, AT lots by issuing a separate lot that of other types of insurance (AS or MA), comprising exclusively invoices relating to the type of AT insurance.

Otherwise, you risk rejection of the invoices concerned, which must be reissued in a separate batch.

This is the reason why the CNMSS recommends that you equip yourself with approved invoicing software that complies with Addendum 7 above, allowing for optimal invoicing terms for APIAS.