Posted on Sunday, June 1, 2014

Initially scheduled for January 1, 2014, the removal of the pharmaceutical label was postponed to July 1, 2014 by a decree published in the Official Gazette of December 5, 2013. It will therefore become applicable on July 1, 2014.

The development of electronic invoicing to health insurance funds has considerably reduced the use of the care sheet on paper by health professionals.

The pharmaceutical label thus appears more and more unsuitable with this new billing method. Its abolition therefore constitutes a new stage in the modernization of the technical and administrative management of social security.

Pharmacists will therefore no longer have to affix it on the health insurance treatment forms, nor on the forms issued from the free care records for beneficiaries of article L.115 of the CPMIVG.

The price and the reimbursement rate, so far clearly indicated on the sticker, should in future be printed on an invoice given to the patient and will no longer appear on the box itself.

The sticker will be replaced by a “datamatrix” code, also called “Q / R code”, as an administrative identifier for reimbursable drugs, which must appear on pharmaceutical invoices. Otherwise, the invoice may be returned to the pharmacy.

Finally, the absence of a sticker on the reimbursable medication box may facilitate changes in the price of medication, since re-labeling of the boxes will no longer be necessary.

For the safety of all and the acceleration of reimbursements, the use of billing SESAM-Vitale is strongly recommended, including for beneficiaries of article L.115 of CPMIVG.