Posted on Tuesday May 29, 2018

“Zero paper, zero rejection”: the SEFI Integrated Electronic Billing Service, opened by the CNMSS to medical transporters for beneficiaries of the military social security scheme, gives complete satisfaction to most of its users because of the advantages provided.

Many carriers have already joined SEFI, most say they are very satisfied

The new online invoicing solution integrated into your business software, subject to an appropriate software version (see with your software publisher) allows you to:

  • consult the health insurance repositories in real time to prepare your invoice online,
  • access electronic prescription, when it exists,
  • scan the supporting documents, via SCOR, at the end of your billing day.

By sending your SEFI flows to the CNMSS you

  • get help with preparing your invoice,
  • enter invoicing elements in a simplified and reliable way,
  • reduce the risk of billing anomalies,

and you facilitate the management of your daily activity.

Your turn, adhere to the SEFI protocol of the CNMSS. The membership protocol is available for download below.