Posted on Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You are a doctor, medical assistant, supplier of equipment, pharmacist, dental surgeon, medical analysis laboratory, you exempt your patient from acts or services in relation to his pensioned infirmities under the provisions of articles L.115 or L .128 of CPMIVG.

You can now upload your invoices for the costs of care that you provide or issue, under the aforementioned code, if you have the specific software.

For that, it is imperative that you have the version SESAM-Vitale CDC 1.40 – addendum 6 to send your invoices for care under article L.115 to the Free Medical Care Department (DSMG) of the CNMSS (case 835).

Warning : If you are not equipped with the right software, using this card causes your billing to be sent to the health insurance organization on which the pensioner depends, with a major consequence for your patient:

  • flat-rate contributions and medical deductibles wrongly withheld, whereas he is exempted in this context

The need for suitable software for invoicing SMG, comes from the fact that routing ESF to DSMG or cashier 835 of the CNMSS is carried out, not on the basis of the information contained in the health care recipient’s health card, but by the choice of the type of insurance, in this case “free medical care, SG or article L.115”, that you operate on your billing software package.