To speed up the Covid vaccination campaign, the government has decided to expand the people who can benefit from an injection as early as January. But, patient associations are worried about a very fragile oversight.

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Covid: should fragile patients be vaccinated faster?

Caregivers aged 50 and over, home helpers over 50, over 75 … The vaccination schedule has been revised. But fragile people of all ages, with co-morbidities, will still have to wait. And this, at least until February.

However, with cardiovascular and respiratory pathologies, diabetes, or even obesity, some people are more at risk of developing a severe form of Covid, regardless of their age.

Insulate yourself to avoid being contaminated

France Assos Santé asks that these patients be vaccinated more quickly. They would thus be better protected against the coronavirus but also less isolated. For Catherine Simonin, vice-president of the National League against cancer and member of France Assos Santé, “These people take risks on a daily basis. Often, they do not go to work and they are prescribed sick leave, because they are afraid. And we must allow them to continue a social life. It will call into question the inclusion of these people in society and in professional life ”.