All French people benefiting from complementary health insurance now have access to fully reimbursed hearing aids thanks to the “100% health” reform.

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Since January 1, hearing aids reimbursed at 100%

Marguerite suffers from presbycusis, a progressive loss of hearing linked to advancing age. And, it bothers her in her daily life. “When someone speaks to you, when there are several people and you don’t understand what we’re talking about, especially at the table, it’s embarrassing. ”

Almost half of the hearing-impaired gave up their equipment

Because of a very dissuasive charge of around 1,000 euros per device, Marguerite had until then postponed the purchase of hearing aids. But in recent days, she can finally test devices that will be fully refunded. They are in fact part of the “100% health” basket.

In this category, we find all class 1 hearing aids. What do they have in common? A sale price limited to 950 euros per device. 240 euros are reimbursed by the Health Insurance and the rest is fully covered by the mutual.

“Class 1 devices can compensate for any type of deafness, from mild to profound deafness, explains hearing care professional Gilles Kultcheyan. These are devices that can be adjusted around the ears or in the ear. They are effective. However, they do not have the latest innovations offered by suppliers such as connectivity to telephones, microprocessors which will manage certain noises or more sophisticated anti-feedback treatments. ”

More transparent quotes

To benefit from these more advanced models, it will be necessary to choose class 2 hearing aids. But here, the patient may have to pay an out-of-pocket charge, more or less important according to his complementary health. To promote transparency, hearing care professionals are required to submit a quote with a fully supported device, even if the person requests a more sophisticated model.