Sleeping well is one of the most important things in life. However, sleeping with your pet has negative consequences on the quality of sleep. Especially for those whose owners are a light sleeper and who tend to wake up easily in the middle of the night. However, the French generally recognize that when the bond of attachment is strong enough, sleeping with your animal is quite understandable.

The cat’s sleep

An animal’s sleep cycle is not the same as ours. During the night, a cat has several 4-hour sleep cycles. Its movements necessarily induce micro arousals in the person. A cat who sleeps quietly on a bed may wake up several times and change places.

The dog’s sleep

At night, a dog sleeps much longer than a cat. Usually he sleeps through the night, but that doesn’t mean that the owner is comfortable. Tyson is a three year old boxer who has lived with Julie since he was 3 months old. Their relationship is fusional, they sleep together regularly.

“Tyson wakes up several times during the night. He is often thirsty or he changes position because he needs to be really in contact with me often to be able to sleep peacefully. He will move and will need space. , it’s a boxer brief with all the acoustic advantages that we can know them. He breathes a little loudly, when he is over-ventilated, we hear him and indeed when he is very tired, he snores “.

Julie no longer sleeps with her dog every night and it remains for her a special moment of sharing and cuddling. For her, this is what strengthens their relationship because she does not see her dog during the day when she is working.

What place in the life of a couple?

When the pet becomes the companion animal and takes precedence over the spouse, it can damage the relationship. The importance of the animal is strong especially for single people, because there is an emotional lack, but it can become more annoying when there is a partner. The animal can be seen as a rival if there is an overinvestment by one of the members of the couple, it can be a problem. The other then feels excluded.

When the animal encroaches too much on the life of a couple and is too present in the most intimate moments, it can even be a real “killer” for some couples.

Cohabitation with children

Diane is 10 years old and for a year Romance, her dog has entered her life. It was her mother who made the decision one day and allowed her to sleep with her dog.“Diane slept little and badly for a while, explains her mother. She had a lot of nightmares. The doctors encouraged me to take a bitch for her, explaining to me that it would bring her a lot of serenity and that is the case.”

“Before I heard the sound of cars, sirens and it scared me so I had nightmares and I had trouble sleeping and since I have Romance and well it comforts me it allows me to sleep better. reassures her too “, explains Diane.

Precautions to be taken

It is absolutely necessary that the dog is well educated, that it is obedient and that it knows where is its place within the family. Let him understand that it is not a rejection if the bed is refused to him one evening. Otherwise, he will be unhappy, because we must also take care of his well-being.

Human health side, it is necessary to ensure that your animal is up to date in its vaccines, that it is dewormed regularly. Treat against fleas and of course make sure to clean it well before going to bed. A little trick against your pet’s hair, use satin sheets, it’s faster to get rid of it.