If you do not get the ring on your finger, you will soon be able to request a health pass on the wrist.

In Gironde, customers who can prove a complete vaccination schedule will be able to have access to an irremovable bracelet, which will allow them access to the bar and restaurant without additional control.

In total, 20,000 bracelets will be made available to establishments in the most frequented tourist places of the Gironde, in particular in Bordeaux, in the Arcachon basin and in Saint-Emilion, according to the UMIH (Union des métiers et des industries de l’Hôtellerie) departmental, which has received the approval of the authorities.

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“Facilitate customer access”

The principle: the client, probably a regular at the establishment, volunteers to present the operator with proof of his complete vaccination schedule as well as his identity. From then on, he will receive an irremovable bracelet as a sesame, allowing him to access the establishment without being checked again.“, details the UMIH.

It is “facilitate customer access“, underlined to AFP the president of the UMIH-33, Laurent Tournier, arguing that”the health pass significantly reduced, or even very significantly, activity“restaurateurs.

The bracelets, marked “UIMH 33 health pass“in gray letters on a white background, must also bear the first three letters of the name of the establishment and the city to which they have been allocated.

Passes still checked by the police

Corn “the police will continue to check the pass, not the bracelet. We will judge: if it works, so much the better, if it does not work, we stop everything. We have the joystick“, specifies Mr. Guespereau, prefect delegate for defense and security to the prefect of New Aquitaine.

Laurent Lutse, president of the cafes, brasseries and nightclubs branch at UMIH, for his part told AFP, having “made a request at the level of the Ministry of the Interior because we have doubts at the legal level“. According to him, “you need a QR code and not a number on the bracelet otherwise there will be fraud“.

In the meantime, Charlène Lagnier, director of the Orangerie, a renowned terrace restaurant within the grounds of the Jardin public de Bordeaux, is already delighted: “It’s easy, it will be twice as fast for us, we will waste less time checking“if the customers are in good standing.