The suffering of students is just starting to be taken into account by the government. A real emergency for these young people left to their own devices in often very difficult conditions.

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The health crisis plunges students into great psychological distress

It is the population most weakened by the health crisis: 40% of 18-24 year olds suffer from anxiety, 9 points more than all French people. These are the worrying results of a survey for the FondaMental Foundation published on January 28, 2020.

“the impression of living the same days”

It reflects the gravity of a situation to which the government is providing a first response through a “psychological support check”. This device should make it possible to finance three consultations with a liberal psychologist from February 1. But it is not certain that this meets the scale of the needs.

At the heart of their suffering: the months of solitary life in front of their screen. “We do not have the opportunity to go to our place of study, we do not have the opportunity to discuss with our comrades and suddenly, we are reduced to the apartment in which we are confined, says Inès, 18 years old. I often feel like I’m living the same days, it’s a never-ending cycle. ”

“I had lost all motivation”

Some go so far as to plunge into serious depression. “There are students who realize that they are not doing well, who seek help and who do not necessarily find it, notes Jessica Sautron, psychologist. And some will find it but a little too late and it will lead to hospitalizations. ”

It must be said that the offer of care is very limited. In France, in higher establishments, there is one psychologist for 30,000 students. This generation in danger therefore has only one wish: to find the benches of the faculty.